House 30 Lewisham

Our project involved from securing planning permissions to guiding the construction process, including managing planning amendments, preparing tender packages, and overseeing the construction.

The project primarily focused on constructing a loft and refurbishing the interior, introducing a new kitchen and reconfiguring the floor level for the loft. A key architectural feature is the loft’s zinc cladding in vertical standing seams, which provides a modern contrast to the traditional London stock brick facade, offering a unique mix of old and new styles.

Reorganising the interior space was essential to accommodate two additional rooms, improving the overall functionality of the home. This reconfiguration has created a more efficient and comfortable living space.

To enhance the natural light within the home, we installed large doors and windows, opting for the biggest standard sizes available to maintain cost-effectiveness. This decision has made the interiors brighter and more inviting.

Additionally, we initially secured planning permission for a substantial ground-floor rear extension. Although the client chose to postpone this part of the project, our design ensures the possibility of future expansion with minimal disruption. Strategic placement of the kitchen and plumbing fixtures facilitates this potential extension.

Overall, this Lewisham project illustrates our expertise in adapting to client needs and creating living spaces that are both functional and aesthetically appealing, all while skillfully handling the various phases of development.




Lewisham, London


VIC Construction Ltd.

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