House 23 Finchley

Set in the dynamic neighbourhood of Finchley, London, this project showcases our ability to merge modern design aesthetics with practical functionality. From the integration of a structural extension and basement excavation to the transformation of interior and exterior spaces.

Our client’s aspiration to add two bedrooms to their existing home together with a practical working space post-COVID steered our design philosophy. We embraced a minimalistic, contemporary style, reflective of their preference for clean, uncomplicated lines. The home’s natural backdrop—a picturesque garden boasting a stream teeming with wildlife—was central to our design concept. We aimed to harness the bounty of natural light and maximise the exposure to these remarkable views, thereby enhancing the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The construction phase unfolded as a collaborative symphony. We developed a robust construction package with our trusted structural engineers and engaged reliable contractors. This collaborative approach ensured a seamless execution, even as we navigated the complexities of constructing a double-storey extension and a semi-basement excavation.

As a result of this synergistic effort, the project had exceeded our client’s expectations, delivering superior quality within time and budget constraints. This project stands as a testament to our architectural vision and commitment to transforming spaces. We invite you to delve into the intricacies of this project, where modern design meets natural beauty in harmonious union.




Finchley, London. UK


VIC Construction Ltd.

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