Louis Coca Flagship Store, Camden

Retail Fitting Out – An inclusive design package offered to the new shoemaker brand – Louis Coca.

The brief was to transform a shop unit in Camden Town, London, into 2 main sections – Front of house consists of the shoe shop and a coffee bar, and the back of house for storage and an office to handle all online sales.

Additionally, as being a new brand in the UK, our roles extended to branding design, store photography and packaging design for the shoe products.

The design and construction process was in the midst of covid-19 lockdown. We utilised 3D pointcloud capture to carryout site survey to allow us accurately and effectively recreate existing plans in our office, reducing time on site and to practise social distancing. We also utilised video conferencing to carry out our weekly meetings, as well as following up construction progress with the contractor on site.




Camden, London. UK


VIC Construction Ltd

Planning Authority: