London Apartment Refurbishment with Smart Home Technologies

Melisa Pomero

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compact apartment refurbishment - COLINDALE, LONDON

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In North London, our team worked on a project that redefines urban living. We transformed a compact one-bedroom flat into a beacon of modernity, efficiency, and comfort. This extensive refurbishment focused on thoughtful interior modifications, aiming to elevate both functionality and visual appeal in line with the latest trends in smart home technology and sleek design.

The heart of this transformation was the kitchen. Previously cramped and outdated, it was reimagined into a user-friendly, spacious culinary haven. Incorporating a pantry unit and streamlined storage solutions, we decluttered the area, turning it into an enjoyable and practical segment of the home. Modern appliances, integrated into the design, provide convenience and efficiency, reflecting the ethos of a contemporary urban lifestyle.

A standout feature of this flat is the bathroom. We merged a wetroom layout with a luxurious Japanese deep soaking bath, equipped with water reheating system. The fusion of the shower room with the bath creates a spa-like ambiance, offering relaxation and functionality in equal measure. The use of high-quality materials and subtle lighting enhances the serene experience, making it a private retreat within the home.

Our design strategy capitalised on the natural light from the south-facing windows. We emphasised open, bright spaces, which not only improve the overall ambience but also contribute to energy conservation. The entire flat benefits from underfloor heating, providing consistent warmth and a cozy environment.

In line with our commitment to comfort and functionality, the flat features insulated blackout blinds. These blinds ensure total darkness, essential for restorative sleep, while also contributing to the overall thermal efficiency, reducing the need for heating in the winter.

Storage solutions were key in this refurbishment. Integrated storage cabinets throughout the flat offer elegant and practical ways to maintain an organised and clutter-free living space. These storage solutions were custom-designed, reflecting the clean and modern aesthetic that characterises the entire refurbishment.

Smart home technology is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the flat. From automated lighting systems to advanced climate control, each element is designed to enhance the living experience. This smart integration allows for easy wireless control and interaction with the home sensors, bringing a futuristic touch to everyday living.

The addition of a walk-in wardrobe adds a luxurious element to the flat. This space is not just about storage; it is a carefully designed area that offers ample room for organisation and accessibility, reflecting the needs of the modern urban dweller.

The living area, an open and inviting space, is designed to be both a relaxing retreat and a social hub. The choice of furnishings, colour palette, and materials all contribute to a sense of openness and calm. The integration of smart entertainment systems makes it an ideal place for relaxation and hosting guests.

The dining area, adjacent to the kitchen, is crafted to be functional yet stylish. The use of minimalist design principles ensures that the space feels larger and more open, encouraging interaction and engagement during meal times.

We have taken a standard one-bedroom flat and transformed it into a cutting-edge, sustainable, and luxurious living space. It’s a place where modernity meets comfort, where every detail is considered, and where the future of urban living is realised.

This project reflects our dedication to creating living spaces that are not just homes but practical lifestyle solutions. We combined our expertise in design and technology to create a space that is not only a reflection of modern living standards but also a step forward in sustainable and intelligent home design.


Project Year: 2023
Country: United Kingdom


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